Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why Are You So Thirsty? By Shana Jay

“Women sell their souls just to buy some attention” ~Wale

I’m slowly coming to the conclusion that Wale’s statement has some truth behind it. In observation I have seen several cases of  “ The Thirsty Mentality” and its sad to say that this issue is more common in women more so than men. Some would beg to differ with me and say that being thirsty isn’t gender based but I can only go by what I see on a regular bases. Webster defines thirsty as a need for water: dry or parched yet the Urban Dictionary defines thirsty as the act of wanting someone or something more than necessary.
Ecclesiastes 3 states there is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens but no where did it state there is a time to be thirsty and look a fool.  I am so utterly sick of seeing beautiful women exploit themselves and becoming “Attention Whores.” Whatever happened to leaving some things to the imagination? Let the record show that men are visual creatures, but when you have everything on display for the world to see you have pretty much taken the adventure out of the game.
Spring hasn’t sprung but you would think the way some women are dressing that we are on a nude beach in Florida. Girl stop! Please put some clothes on I’m just saying. Spare me the agony of seeing “poochie with cheese” this year. Poochie with cheese is the muffin top with a side of cottage cheese thighs. Spare me the thought of seeing booty meat with skid marks black as asphalt sagging to the floor. Spare me the sight of seeing every color on the color wheel on your eyes and in your hair ….you are just doing way too much.
I’m not sure if thirsty is the appropriate word or dehydrated because its makes no sense for you to send these type of smoke signals just for attention.  Its not just the attire that frustrates me it’s the self-centeredness as well. Ooooh eeemmmm gheeee! Everything is not about you!!! Its funny how thirsty people have to have the spotlight and if they don’t get it they throw temper tantrums or better yet when their golden opportunity presents itself they embarrass everyone around them cause they have no tact. Now this particular level of thirstiness can be found in both genders.
 Have you ever met a person who has to be recognized by their title? Ok I understand you went to college and earned your degree and out of respect you deserve to be called “Dr. So and So” however you should not be puffed up and full of yourself. Please note titles don’t get you closer to God nor will it get you a V.I.P. pass to Heaven.  It would be a sad day if I got upset with everyone who didn’t recognize or address me as Author Shana Jay.  “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”~Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Wiki.answers.com translates this phrase accurately: What matters is what something is not what it is called. Words don’t mean much …..you can still smell a rose and appreciate its beauty even if you called that particular rose “axle grease” instead.
In closing, the topic at church Sunday dealt with baggage and how we need to look deep within and deal with our personal issues. The baggage we carry can be very visible for example insecurity, arrogance, pride, self-centeredness etc. and if we don’t handle these issues people will hate to see us coming. Lets correct what we can so that we can reflect a positive image to the world.