Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Domestic Violence by Shana Jay

Beauty & the Beast

            Everything about him was different so she thought.  The gentleman was all that she thought she needed the provider, the comforter, the comedian, The father figure to the children but indeed she was mistaken.  Why was she such a poor judge of character? All the signs were there but she thought that through love it would heal him from his past.  Beauty was her name she was the epitome of just that.  It was very rare to find someone who was beautiful inside and out.  She always had a way of making the best out of a seemingly bad situation.  Beauty thought that she could save the world when in deed she would have to save herself. 
             The gentleman was delightful at times but when faced with hardship he had no way of controlling his rage.  He would transform into the vicious Beast that would challenge anyone that tried to get close to him.  The gentleman was angry about so many things a broken individual indeed; his life was not all sunshine and rainbows.  The gentleman spoke of betrayal and deceit.  He talked of never being able to really trust anyone.  Beauty would comfort him she thought in her mind that she was the only that could protect him from such devastation.  When the Beast would come out she was the only one who could calm him. 
            The Beast would cry out, Beauty would tend to the Beast like a shepherd to his sheep.  Beauty was there to cry with him and help him deal with his struggles.  Beauty would express to him that he was the greatest gist of all in her life.  She would hold him until the Beast was subside.  Beauty’s love for the gentleman was not enough.  Beauty didn’t realize that his hurts were deeper than she imagined.  Eventually as time past The Beast was not easily subdued in anger was so profound that Beauty began to fear for her safety.  The gentleman was now just a figment of her imagination.  The Beast was her reality now and there was no escaping him without loosing her life. 
            Beauty’s future was very clear to her as she began to paint the picture. The picture revealed that indeed she would die.  The Beast would take her and strip her of her pride.  Her graceful smile would be hidden under disfigurement of scraps and bruises.  Sadly Beauty will stay to the end hoping that she would be able to tame the gentleman’s inner beast, but to no avail Beauty will be defeated loving the gentleman more than she herself dying by the rage of his inner Beast.  What Beauty failed to realize is that only the gentleman could save himself he was his own worse enemy. 

Domestic Violence also known as domestic abuse, spousal abuse, family violence and intimate partner violence is something that I am all to familiar with.  When I googled the word Domestic Violence it listed many forms such as physical aggression (hitting, kicking, biting, shoving, restraining, slapping, throwing objects), or threats thereof: sexual abuse; emotional abuse; controlling or domineering; intimidation etc.  Let me just say that being in a relationship with Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde was a total nightmare.  
The guy I was involved with wanted to control me and for people who know me on a personal level know all to well that will never happen. At times I was afraid to be myself because it seemed to set off his anger.  He would always accuse me of cheating on him which was crazy cause I spent all of my time with him.  If things didn’t go right in his day I would reap the consequences. He always found a way to apologize for putting his hands on me by giving me lavish gifts to makeup for his violent episodes.
When he drank it was like he turned into a totally different person. He was very aggressive and became agitated very easily. I decided enough was enough after he beat me at his home in front of his family. I really thought that I was going to die that night. It was only God that got me out of that situation. Of course he didn’t want things to end so he broke into my house and pulled a gun on my kids and me.  I prayed and asked God to get me out of the situation once again and He did.
In conclusion, domestic violence is very real and I never would have thought that something like that would happen to me. What I learned from that situation is when a person shows you who they really are believe them it can possibly save your life.  This is one of my testimonies that I am comfortable enough to share with you. If you’re in a situation that shows its self to be harmful to you and others around you please call 1-800-799-7233 (Domestic Violence Hotline)
Shana Jay

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