Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Stronger by Author Shana Jay

 I won’t look back; I won’t settle I will do what pleases me
 I reminisced on yesterday, anticipated tomorrow, and dreamed about forevermore
 I refuse to let opinions rule my world causing me to second guess my destiny
 I evaluate my work, analyze my thoughts, and review the blueprint of my purpose
 I grind hard cause the hustle never sleeps
 I encourage myself when others try to manipulate and scheme
This place isn’t permanent
 I gotta stay focused
 It’s too many distractions trying to cloud my view
 I meditate practicing the art of listening while gaining instruction from a higher place
 I can’t give up now even though my soul grows weary
 I know I can make it
 I know I will make a difference
 I believe that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Runner by Author Shana Jay

He said you talk about love but you're a runner.....

His words ran through my head like my favorite song on repeat

Why am I afraid? I wondered ....I pondered the thought

Love left me abandoned...or should I say distraught

I run from love but love always seems to find me

Love said he has been searching high low so that I can be free

I hold back tears but love removes the scales from my eyes so I can see

Its so easy to run and never look back, but love wont let go

He said I wont allow you to get off track

Love said lets walk together hand in hand  in the same direction

He gave me a mirror and said he was in love with my reflection

He said lets make memories, lets create what others dream of

We can grow old together you no longer have to fear

Stay here with me.... I am Love this is your destiny