Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Journey With My Ex By Shana Jay

My heart feels alive with every beat 

I feel the ice melting away

His lips have quenched the thirst that my soul desires

No longer bound allowing my inner child to run free without the fear of being judged

He may not be my prince charming but he has helped me realize I dont want to be alone

My heart has been awaken by the possibilities of finding love

These feelings arent artificial and certainly cant be duplicated

Ive walked into the sun and his arms are so welcoming 

A rebirth of life where there was death 

A baptism of understanding and clarity allows my mind to think of all the possibilities 

I feel closer to "full and complete healing", no regrets, no what ifs

Life is not a script because love doesnt play by the rules

Ive decided to take a chance with eyes wide open

Ears full of his song

Nose filled with his scent 

Skin soft from a new glow

Im ready to see what happens next .......this journey with my Ex