Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bi-Curious By Shana Jay & Co-Writer Joyce

Lets talk about being Bi-sexual. I have noticed that some people are struggling with their sexuality. On a personal note I don’t have a problem with the person per say I love them all with the love of God but I do have a problem with the lifestyle. It may sound cliché to say “I have friends who practice in homosexuality/lesbianism but I look at the heart….this is what makes me love them most.” The true problem that I have is if one is willing to part take in the lifestyle be true to who you are therefore I can acquire a level of respect for you.  I know there are people in the gay community who really don’t want to be gay/bi-sexual and they are trying very hard to walk a straight line. There are others who just enjoy what they do and I’m not mad…. do you. The problem I have is how can one proclaim to be Bi-sexual? Somewhere down the line, someone is going to fall short in the relationship. Let me go deeper ….one “sex” is going to be lacking in an area of attention because it seems that the pull will either be more towards “female” or “male” whatever the preference may be. I feel this Bi-sexual status is a cop out for just being plain selfish and greedy. Meaning, “You want your cake and ice cream then you want to eat it too” or “you just want the best of both worlds.”  If you like men then be with a man if you like women then be with a woman. It’s already hard enough in the dating game to find descent upstanding people to be considered eligible but to add the “Bi-sexual Factor” in the mix is scary. I say this because some people who practice in this lifestyle are not always on the up and up about what they like. They choose to keep this hidden because they don’t want the backlash of being criticized about how they are living. I have also found this particular lifestyle common in the church community as well. On a spiritual note God finds this lifestyle an abomination. I also understand that there are no levels of sin so I can’t cast judgment either. I know that fornication, telling lies, gambling etc are all on the same level so I can’t cast a stone because I am far from innocent in the things that I have done and still doing. Its some things I struggle with on a daily bases so I try very hard not to judge anyone. All I am saying is if your going to live the lifestyle choose a side and quit pretending cause your not fooling anyone but yourself. 
Shana Jay
Is It Easy to Choose Sides?  (Joyce’s Opinion)
     Elijah went before the people and said, "How long will
     you waver between two opinions? If the LORD is God, follow
     him; but if Baal is God, follow him." (Kings 18:21)   
It is not my position to pass moral judgment on anyone; I’m just trying to understand. Contrary to what I believed, there are NO limits set as to how attracted a bisexual person has to feel towards either gender and most actually DON’T feel equally attracted to both genders. According to research and interviews, there aren’t really any 50/50 bi-sexuals.
Now I’m sure all of you are asking, “What does Kings 18:21 have to do with bi-sexuality?” The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I am not comparing bisexuality to what God you choose to serve, nor am I suggesting that bisexuality is wrong, that’s not for me to decide. However, this verse has everything to do with making a choice.  The reason we’re in this forum today is to answer the question; Why not make a choice. Why straddle the fence? Pick a side and join the team.  If in fact most bisexuals aren’t equally attracted to both sexes, why doesn’t one just choose the one they’re most attracted to? It seems simple enough right?
            I asked this question to several people both bi-sexual and heterosexual, and the consensus seemed to be that you may be emotionally attracted to one and more physically attracted to the other. Ok, I can understand that also. But why not find that commonality in one person? Eventually you’ll have to make a choice. You can’t have it both ways because you’ll be cheating someone out of what they truly deserve.
      This is clearly a complex subject and I’m sure we won’t come to any conclusions or find any concrete answers in this blog.  So perhaps bisexuals are greedy, perhaps they’re confused, I don’t know. Can someone help me to understand why you can’t or won’t choose a side?

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  1. Let me get this clear, If I was bisexual I have to choose? Why, if the person enjoys sex and isn't committed then why do they need to choose. I am heterosexual male and I understand that appetites are what they are. Lets not let our own self-center-ness dictate the living arrangements of others. It has little to do with preference.I could condemn the sin but I also understand the depths of people with different appetites and it is funny how we try to make them into us.