Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Church Folks by Shana Jay

You can’t please everybody even if you tried
I say this to myself with all my wounded pride down inside
People are really showing themselves for who they really are
The parade around with their hypocritical opinions adding salt to my scars
The church is said to be my covering and my strength
But every encounter of His people I feel as if this is a myth
I’m not talking against the church but the things church folk do
They say they are always praying for you and how they wish you well
But actions speak louder than words
Church folk will provide you with a one way ticket to hell
False motives, snakes in the grass ready to point fingers, gossip and laugh
So quick to judge but slow to look at themselves
Never approaching situations with the love of GOD
They prefer to hide behind their sinful shells
I’m sick of the backstabbing, the throwing the rock hiding their hands mentality
Nobody wants to ever take responsibility for their own transgressions 
They feel GOD has anointed them to teach others a lesson
Yep I speak my mind and don’t plan on taking anything back
Church folks are a trip most of them have little tact
Sweep around your own front door and deal with self
Once this happens your words can become better felt
Until then I will continue to be me
If my words go against your so called principles, morals while you stir up unnecessary controversy
Then you don’t have to read it do you and watch me continue to be free

Let me say that I’m sick of these holier-than-thou, dipped deeper in the blood than the sweet baby Jesus, Bible toting, judgmental, hypocritical, was at the cross when they crucified my Lord, changing up the Bible so it can benefit their lifestyles, trying to turn Christianity into a cult, condemning others to hell when they have a first class ticket there so called Saints of God.  These types of church folks are really on my last good strand of nerve. I have been holding this deep down in the lining of my large intestine lately.  
The saints are so set on tradition and doctrine that they loose sight on why Jesus died for us in the first place. Jesus is love everything about him is love Romans 12:10 says to love one another with brotherly love affection (as members of one family) giving precedence and showing honor to one another.  If this is His words then why it is so cold in the church why is it when I walk into the house of the Lord I feel that I am being condemned for enjoying life, I don’t have a problem with not fitting in I never will because God made me special. Every body wants to be accepted in some form or fashion and if they can’t find that acceptance in the church amongst His people then who do they run too?
In conclusion, the word Christian is a word used to describe Gods people, but being a Disciple for Christ means one who embraces and assist in spreading the teachings to one another not in condemnation but through love.

Shana Jay



  1. I couldn't agree with you more...I was raised in the Church, my father is a minister,my grandfather was a minister, my great-grandfather was a minister. I have an uncle that is a minister also. I have seen so many things in the church....YOU WOULDN'T BELIEVE.

  2. Oh I believe you Joyce we could probably exchange stories and write a book!!

  3. its about time someone said something cause they working my nerves as well....i choose not to go to church with people like cause their so full of HELL and then want to throw a stone at you cause you choose not to go with them and their lives isn't in the best shape to be talking about anyone

  4. Candace I just want the Christians to understand that God wants us to win souls not turn them off. If I cant relate to you cause you are so high up on the throne with Jesus then whats the point. Every body has sinned and some people who are saved now seem to forget their past its a major turn off

  5. Let the "real" people say AMEN!!! You hit the nail on the head with this one sis.....

  6. There it is! click click POW!!!!

  7. Shana - all I can say is WOW - so many poignant statements from you that I so totally agree with. I think that is why I have no "home" church. I just "visit" so I don't have to "become." But I feel moved to share with you my feelings of being an outcast and so not understood by others because God created me different than most. I am not being arrogant at all, just honest. Most church crowds I have witnessed seem to want to please each other in their "crowd" not ALL of God's children. AMEN to your stance. I can relate to you somewhat in the non-acceptance of your writing. I wrote a "little" book several years ago about addiction. And it was strange to me how it was accepted: the other addicts in my life had noting to say. Like you said, I guess they are too afraid to look in the mirror and see they real self. But that is the only way we can heal. Then we turn to God's huge mirror and follow Him. loving your writing lady!! maria

  8. Yes I visit other churches now due to the fact that I removed my membership from my previous church home. My time was up there and Im glad that I made the decision because that is what worked for me. I want God to lead me where I can be fed basically I want his will. Church hurt is something that cant really be put into words but I do know that once the judging cease then we can focus on whats important and that God and his word the rest will fall into place, CHurch should be like having a Spa Day with Jesus not stressful like a day at work ..thanks for reading my blog and im glad ur enjoying my thoughts :)