Monday, May 13, 2013

Sexual Encounter by Author Shana Jay

Touch me I'll strip for you 
Caress my breast, suck my neck, and bite my nipples too
Kiss me there you never play fair 
Handcuff me make sure the steel is tight 
I hope you're ready for a kegel cat fight 
Be-careful its slippery when wet 
Digging dipper and dipper making you work up a sweat 
Blindfold me lets play the truth or dare game
Video tape me Kim Kardashian fame
Pull my hair, smack it, flip it, and rub me down
S & M I can handle another round
Hand in hand breathing hard your tongue took me off guard
Taste the rainbow you'll find its magically delicious
Its all yours nobody else can get this
I want to give you something to fantasize about
When you're at work I want you to remember I never tapped out
Im a solider and you taught me well
The chemistry we have cant be compelled
Making love our bodies create beautiful music
Making love to acoustics
The thickness that calls my name in the middle of the night
Who needs Mary Jane when your love keeps me high as a kite
My sugary walls that have you about to fall
You're not a Doctor but always on call
Always ready .....never soft..... at attention standing tall
I dont mind we're both grown
Girl 6 when we're on the phone
You're my favorite ride
Team astroglide
Pink cookies in a plastic bag getting crushed by buildings
Not afraid of what we're feeling
You're perfect
Making love to you and only you
Trust when I say its worth it ~SJ