Thursday, November 14, 2013

Over You by Author Shana Jay

Every time I think I wanna go back I remember how I was mistreated
How I felt defeated
I read the text messages I should have deleted
I keep them to remember that I deserve better
Not sure why you were intimidated by a go getter
How can I forget the days I use to love you
Now Im not so easily moved
Those feelings are gone
Disappeared out of the blue
I'm so much happier now
No more lady sings the blues
They always come back
They never break up with you
I can't go back
It would be like eating vomit off the bottom of my shoes
That's just how I see it
A lifetime of struggle and misery
Glad I made it over
The past is the past its called history ~SJ

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dream Team by Author Shana Jay

If we both would get it together we would be unstoppable 
Like Jay Z and Beyonce?
No, like Barack and Michelle 
A power team 
A force to be reckoned with 
We would support each others dreams 
Build our legacy on a firm foundation 
No quick sand mentality
Its in our lineage commitment 
Adam and Eve
Abraham and Sarah
Jacob and Rachel
Mary and Joseph
Ruth and Boaz
There were some ups and downs
Some obstacles too serious to overlook but there was still some common ground
I believe in loyalty thats our oath our creed
Its hard work but together we can make it through
I’ll work on me
While you work on you~SJ

Love Dont Live Here by Author Shana Jay

Where did those feelings go?
I search deep only to realize they have left me 
Released without my consent 
Those words so harsh maybe I should repent 
Its not the same when we fuck 
It use to make sense like Olivia and Huck
Even though it wasn't said often you could feel the love 
That I would kill for you kind of love 
That Im in it for the long haul kind of love 
I’ll have all your babies kind of love
Rushing home to get to you kind of love
Clean up my house and cook for you kind of love
When my phone rings hoping its you kind of love
Now I hold the keys to a vacant part of me
Im very comfortable with the idea of being alone
I really should write a song
If love ever came to visit it wouldnt be the same
I would say go back the way you came
Im now able to see through all the bullshit
Love was about to get my ass whipped
Talking crazy instead of speaking words that would build
Pointing fingers, debating hard then forgetting the topic
Cant enjoy the gifts of love for reliving the pain
Love is hard work but I was putting in over time even in the rain
Tired of needing and seeking approval from someone who couldn’t handle my popularity
Just another casualty
Playing games but you’re too old for this, its too much
Not caring about feelings anymore
Treating you like shit, pushing the limits cause now I dont give a fuck
Why play games when there should be no doubt there should be no fear
Afraid .....head games will keep you bound if you let it my dear
Cold as ice and Im comfortable with it
I hurt your feelings and now you wanna throw a fit
One plus one equals two
No one else matters in your equation but you
Said I was over it but Im still in my feelings
Writing and fighting my demons thats what I do
Done trying to win
Sometimes you have to lose to win
But what exactly was lost
Nothing but sleepless nights mind and body paid the cost
Find another opponent cause Im through
Im tired of being that chic hoping you will change crying over you~SJ

Draking and Shit by Author Shana Jay

Draking and shit 
On some other shit 
Letting this one nigga get over on me and shit 
That fuck me and leave me left in the cold kinda shit 
How many hoes I got to see parked in his drive way 
How many times I got to drive by and he aint there and shit
He think Im stupid and shit and sometimes Im in denial and shit 
He was just suppose to be something to do 
Someone to pass time when I got bored and shit 
Fucked up how I fell in love and shit 
Realizing eventually he was on playing mind games and shit 
Yes he still with that shit 
He want his cake and eat it too 
Never thought I would be this stupid and shit 
Eventually I will forgive myself 
Recover the broken pieces, glue them back together and shit 
Its so easy for him to cut ties and shit 
I realize those are just words and shit 
We are both crazy and that causes so much conflict
I hate him but I love him at the same time and shit
He knows that I will always be there for him and shit 
Addicted to his dick and how he stroke me and shit 
My folks tell me to use him for a good time cause he aint tryna commit
Wonder why hurt people hurt people instead of dealing with their own personal shit
He always comes back and sometimes I cant believe that shit 
I deserve better and I know that shit 
I always take him back after he does dumb shit 
After I said thats it
I dont take him seriously cause he does the same thing and shit 
Mad cause I can read him and shit 
Bicker thats all we do and shit 
I remember when he use to love me 
Now he just up and quit 
Just like that and he made it look so easy to do 
Now I sit back hurt, feeling pathetic and looking like a fool 
Knowing he is reading my words and shit
Giving him something to think about and shit 
He wondering if anybody knows who he is...that vain shit 
I stop caring, my words are done giving power to him and shit 

And just like that Im over it ~SJ