Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Man By Shana Jay

My man is the truth and I’m so grateful that I have Him or does He have me?  I’m talking about Jesus the one who is ever so faithful and never leaves me. He motivates me completely.  My shining star, my El Shaddi, I’m in love with the sweet baby Jesus on high. He puts a smile on my face and He knows what I like. He is the best part of waking up sending me special delivery’s of bright sunny days. He has the birds to sing our song about His saving Grace and I’m so in love with this man.
When I am down He blesses me with a kaleidoscope of colors the promise of the rainbow. Even though I’m far from perfect He embraces me with the gentleness of the breeze because he delights in me whole heartedly. When I was down to my last dime my man stepped in providing me with everything I need. All He asks is to trust in Him and indeed I do.
There is no intimacy like the Agape love that we share. With this relationship He allows me to birth new things like this beautiful gift that I share with the world.  The psalms of David pour out of my belly so refreshing and new. He inspires me to strive giving me the push I need to reach my greatest potential. I’m in love with this man He has my heart. I would be honored to wash His feet with my tears of gratitude drying them with haste. I give Him the fruit of my lips and I will forever praise Him with my hands I love Him so ….I’m talking about my Man!
In conclusion, I’m loving on Him the one who loves me most. Jesus is my everything, my morning, noon & night.  I cleave to Him as I watch our love take flight.

Shana Jay

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Embracing the Art of Silence and Discipline By Shana Jay

Sometimes it’s best to be silent because your thoughts maybe more than what others can handle.  If I am in the silent mode I am merely observing and also trying to discipline myself from crucifying others with my tongue.  What I am also working on while in silence is body language although I may not be saying a mumbling word my eyes are telling another story.  For a person like me who wears all of my emotions on my sleeve the process of correcting this behavior is very hard at times. 
I see and hear so much that I tend to react instead of sitting back and taking it all in.  My response to some situations and trying to hold back is like dealing with a severe case of Tourette syndrome. I would just shoot off and deal with the consequences of my actions later.  As I take my self improvement one day at a time I’m learning to listen for God’s voice awaiting His instruction.  If I handled people the way they have handled me I would certainly be on the news not locally, but nationwide CNN bound, a straight up Nancy Grace exclusive. 
Another wise technique that I am learning to enforce in my daily walk is to think before I speak. Just because it pops up in my head doesn’t mean it needs to be said. I want my words/advice to be more helpful than harmful. To be honest if I really said what was on my mind I would hurt a lot of feelings not intentionally but just speaking the truth.  I have been placed in a position where if I allow my flesh to control my emotions I will miss out on my blessings.
 Now please don’t get it twisted this is a day by day process. I never said that I was perfect in anyway I am more so on the “God aint threw with me yet creed” The old “I wish a ninja would” mindset may show itself from time to time.  I’m sweet as apple pie but I will not allow people to take my kindness for weakness.  While in silence I ask that God would give me wisdom on how to handle issues in a Godly manner so that when I profess to be a Christian people won’t give me the side eye stare.
 A cussing Christian I confess therefore I am but in silence I ask that God bridle my tongue because in dealing with people I know for a fact they will cause you to go there.  I had to learn that I shouldn’t let people have that much power over me.  I’m not proud of some of my past actions and I really did some things that could have landed me in jail, but thank God for looking out for fools and children. 
            In conclusion, silence is not a sign of weakness but a sign of discipline, so a trusted friend expressed to me.  I appreciate this time that God has allowed me so when I make it to where and what He has destined for me I will represent Him well.  This has been a W.W.J.D. moment brought to you impart of a day in the life of Shana Jay now back to your regularly scheduled programs.
Shana Jay

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just a Thought by Shana Jay

Sometimes I feel like we are our own worse enemies. Meaning we tend to hold ourselves back from what is destined for us to have. Let me touch on this subject for a minute and I will use myself as an example. I always talked about how I desired to have a good man but when he came around I didn’t know how to treat him because I was so use to being treated like garbage.  So I sabotaged the situation by looking for all the negatives in this person.  I wasn’t ready for what I asked for and the outcome was terrible. I ended up hurting him and it’s true that hurt people do really hurt people. If you looked up the term “bag lady” in the ghetto encyclopedia my picture would be right there. I’m honest enough to say this where others would be afraid too.
Next, I have noticed that people are so quick to say they have haters when in actuality they may not be haters at all but people who actually tell you the truth about yourself. Please understand that constructive criticism is a way to help the other person not tear them down. I have encountered a few haters in my lifetime and it was very easy to spot these characters out.   
   I also hear people say how real they are and how they are keeping it 100% but if you are so real then no announcements really need to be made it will show in your actions.  I sit and wonder who the hell came up with that terminology in the first place.  I could be 100% and say that men really do rule the world but pussy has the power to conquer even the strongest man and drive him insane, but that announcement isn’t necessary because it’s already understood. I could walk around here pumping my fist screaming black power and that I am a strong black woman but what for when it’s already understood when you come into my presence.
In conclusion, it’s not too late to evaluate self and tone down some of these over the top keeping it 100% egos.  It’s not too late to start loving your inner self so when the gift (the relationship you desire with a good man or woman) presents itself you will know how to treat him or her. Last but not least please note that it’s okay to be you don’t ever let someone else’s opinion change how you view yourself.  I don’t and this is what sets me apart and I’m cool with that.

Shana Jay

Monday, August 1, 2011

Ego Monster: The Big Head by Shana Jay

Ego: An exaggerated sense of self-importance; conceit
Sorry that I have been incognito for a minute leaving you (my readers) without some deep nourishing thought to saturate your mental. I have been in my bat cave thinking of a master plan and while I was there I ran into several topics that I want to touch on. Today it will be the word “Ego.” I happen to run into a friend of mine who told me about an encounter with another fellow author who is simply on an ego trip. First and foremost just because you write a book doesn’t mean that you take the book fame and try to manipulate the situation to screw.
I do understand there are book groupies out here lurking in search of a meal ticket but no one should use their status for sex I’m just saying. Another problem that I had was the fact that this person made the statement “What?! You don’t know who I am? Google Me.” Really?! Google you and then what? If you were so well known then you wouldn’t have to ask a person to Google you in the first place. Seriously, it’s ok to have confidence I have plenty but you wont catch me telling someone to “Google Me” if anything I  would use this as an opportunity to offer that person a bookmark or visit my website that’s how you build your brand. 
In conclusion, I’m so sick of insecure people hiding behind large egos.  Further more an anonymous author wrote “There is life beyond ego.” The Bible states “Thinking themselves to be wise, they became fools” and in this situation this author clearly made this statement true. At the end of the day “Ego” is a fool, pretending to be ever so wise and haughty and puffed up and is truly nothing.

Shana Jay