Tuesday, May 8, 2012

I Write.....by Author Shana Jay

I write to be heard

I write to release

I write because it brings me peace

I write to be understood 

I write about what I love 

I write to stay focused and how some wish they could

I write about ambition and aspiring dreams 

I write the words the caged bird sings 

I write my way to wholeness 

I write about his sweet caress and his kiss of gentleness

I write adjectives, nouns, and verbs 

I write because I have the right to be heard

I write and I write some more 

I write about my Savior to whom I adore 

I write about my anatomy and The Million Dollar Pie Academy 

I write....that's what I do 

I write to inspire you



  1. Love your work...www.urbanblackthoughts.blogspot.com

  2. Thx Ghost!! Timothy!! Thx sooooo much! I'm glad that you took the time out to read my work! #Encouraged

  3. I really like this one as well.