Monday, April 8, 2013

Beyond Description By Shana Jay

Love is the condition of my heart
Opposites attract he makes me react
He gets under my skin but somehow we blend
We break up to make up that’s how we survive
The passion is so intense
I lost my virginity to the realness of a man who made love to my intellect
I tested him by the sun
No imitations he is wax free
I’m a sucka for integrity
I don’t look at the present because he is my future from the past tense of different circumstances
He’s my prince I’m forever his purple rain
Im his angel he’s my halo
Bleeding words from an untold place
My twenty grand on ice
This feels nice so precise
It’s a gamble to shake the dice of the uncertain but I’m enjoying the ride
His lips, His eyes, His words, His swag ….Im so gone….I’ve been had


  1. Your pen inspires these poems!

  2. Thank you!!!! I remember when I wrote this piece I was head over heels in love lol