Friday, February 15, 2013

"If"........."Ok" by Author Shana Jay

“If” it’s over then it’s “Ok”
No fight just uncomfortable silence no halfway….but “If” that’s how it is then “Ok”
Too many games being played to see if my feelings were genuine… but “If that’s how it is then “Ok”
Thought I passed the test but these hit or miss pop quizzes in search of your Bonnie to fit your Clyde grew old
“If” this is your way of finding love then clearly I have failed you in some way but overtime I will be “Ok”
I hurt myself trying to save what was already lost but I had hope and that’s my fault
“If” the double mindedness of your heart could’ve come to some kind of consensus about us it would’ve been “ok”
Wishy washy defines the “If” factor of our “Ok” relationship
 I was certain about you but my commitment song wasn’t the melody you wanted to hear but its “ok”
“If” it’s over then it’s “Ok”
I never knew I would leave in winter but my summertime is quickly approaching
“If” you’re willing to allow the seasons to change then it’s “Ok”
Just know it was more than a fling …I had fun ….I’m “Ok”

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