Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Just a Thought by Shana Jay

Sometimes I feel like we are our own worse enemies. Meaning we tend to hold ourselves back from what is destined for us to have. Let me touch on this subject for a minute and I will use myself as an example. I always talked about how I desired to have a good man but when he came around I didn’t know how to treat him because I was so use to being treated like garbage.  So I sabotaged the situation by looking for all the negatives in this person.  I wasn’t ready for what I asked for and the outcome was terrible. I ended up hurting him and it’s true that hurt people do really hurt people. If you looked up the term “bag lady” in the ghetto encyclopedia my picture would be right there. I’m honest enough to say this where others would be afraid too.
Next, I have noticed that people are so quick to say they have haters when in actuality they may not be haters at all but people who actually tell you the truth about yourself. Please understand that constructive criticism is a way to help the other person not tear them down. I have encountered a few haters in my lifetime and it was very easy to spot these characters out.   
   I also hear people say how real they are and how they are keeping it 100% but if you are so real then no announcements really need to be made it will show in your actions.  I sit and wonder who the hell came up with that terminology in the first place.  I could be 100% and say that men really do rule the world but pussy has the power to conquer even the strongest man and drive him insane, but that announcement isn’t necessary because it’s already understood. I could walk around here pumping my fist screaming black power and that I am a strong black woman but what for when it’s already understood when you come into my presence.
In conclusion, it’s not too late to evaluate self and tone down some of these over the top keeping it 100% egos.  It’s not too late to start loving your inner self so when the gift (the relationship you desire with a good man or woman) presents itself you will know how to treat him or her. Last but not least please note that it’s okay to be you don’t ever let someone else’s opinion change how you view yourself.  I don’t and this is what sets me apart and I’m cool with that.

Shana Jay