Thursday, August 18, 2011

Embracing the Art of Silence and Discipline By Shana Jay

Sometimes it’s best to be silent because your thoughts maybe more than what others can handle.  If I am in the silent mode I am merely observing and also trying to discipline myself from crucifying others with my tongue.  What I am also working on while in silence is body language although I may not be saying a mumbling word my eyes are telling another story.  For a person like me who wears all of my emotions on my sleeve the process of correcting this behavior is very hard at times. 
I see and hear so much that I tend to react instead of sitting back and taking it all in.  My response to some situations and trying to hold back is like dealing with a severe case of Tourette syndrome. I would just shoot off and deal with the consequences of my actions later.  As I take my self improvement one day at a time I’m learning to listen for God’s voice awaiting His instruction.  If I handled people the way they have handled me I would certainly be on the news not locally, but nationwide CNN bound, a straight up Nancy Grace exclusive. 
Another wise technique that I am learning to enforce in my daily walk is to think before I speak. Just because it pops up in my head doesn’t mean it needs to be said. I want my words/advice to be more helpful than harmful. To be honest if I really said what was on my mind I would hurt a lot of feelings not intentionally but just speaking the truth.  I have been placed in a position where if I allow my flesh to control my emotions I will miss out on my blessings.
 Now please don’t get it twisted this is a day by day process. I never said that I was perfect in anyway I am more so on the “God aint threw with me yet creed” The old “I wish a ninja would” mindset may show itself from time to time.  I’m sweet as apple pie but I will not allow people to take my kindness for weakness.  While in silence I ask that God would give me wisdom on how to handle issues in a Godly manner so that when I profess to be a Christian people won’t give me the side eye stare.
 A cussing Christian I confess therefore I am but in silence I ask that God bridle my tongue because in dealing with people I know for a fact they will cause you to go there.  I had to learn that I shouldn’t let people have that much power over me.  I’m not proud of some of my past actions and I really did some things that could have landed me in jail, but thank God for looking out for fools and children. 
            In conclusion, silence is not a sign of weakness but a sign of discipline, so a trusted friend expressed to me.  I appreciate this time that God has allowed me so when I make it to where and what He has destined for me I will represent Him well.  This has been a W.W.J.D. moment brought to you impart of a day in the life of Shana Jay now back to your regularly scheduled programs.
Shana Jay


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