Sunday, August 28, 2011

My Man By Shana Jay

My man is the truth and I’m so grateful that I have Him or does He have me?  I’m talking about Jesus the one who is ever so faithful and never leaves me. He motivates me completely.  My shining star, my El Shaddi, I’m in love with the sweet baby Jesus on high. He puts a smile on my face and He knows what I like. He is the best part of waking up sending me special delivery’s of bright sunny days. He has the birds to sing our song about His saving Grace and I’m so in love with this man.
When I am down He blesses me with a kaleidoscope of colors the promise of the rainbow. Even though I’m far from perfect He embraces me with the gentleness of the breeze because he delights in me whole heartedly. When I was down to my last dime my man stepped in providing me with everything I need. All He asks is to trust in Him and indeed I do.
There is no intimacy like the Agape love that we share. With this relationship He allows me to birth new things like this beautiful gift that I share with the world.  The psalms of David pour out of my belly so refreshing and new. He inspires me to strive giving me the push I need to reach my greatest potential. I’m in love with this man He has my heart. I would be honored to wash His feet with my tears of gratitude drying them with haste. I give Him the fruit of my lips and I will forever praise Him with my hands I love Him so ….I’m talking about my Man!
In conclusion, I’m loving on Him the one who loves me most. Jesus is my everything, my morning, noon & night.  I cleave to Him as I watch our love take flight.

Shana Jay