Thursday, September 1, 2011

Can You Love Me By Shana Jay

Can you love me flaws and all
When I show you the real me
The one with discrepancies, insecurities, & characteristics that isn’t so angelic or heavenly?
Can you love me when I make mistakes?
Will you pull me close or will my imperfections be too much for your plate
Can you love me when times get hard?
When I show you my baggage and scars will things begin to fall apart?
Exposed and transparent like the clear shades of spring water
Hiding behind this image of a strong black woman in time will falter
Can you love me when I’m at my weakest point when I don’t have the ability to see positively?
Will you embrace the side that reacts out of fear and anger causing me to act uncontrollably?
Can you love me when I reveal the not-so- good, bad and terribly ugly?
When my self esteem is low will you be there to build me up or will you walk away because the realness of me is too much?
Can you
Can you love
Can you love every
Can you love every part
Can you love every part of


  1. Hi,Shana,
    Love your blog! May you keep on exercising your gift. I hope I will be able to come out on Sept. 27th. Just depends if I can get transportation there since I no longer drive. Either way, I love you lots and I'm proud of you. Author Shelia E. Lipsey

  2. Thanks Ms Shelia I love u tooo!! Sorry about the late response!

  3. I am glad to find other black author who write just like I do. I love reading your poems and your short stories. I also do the same on my blog as well.