Saturday, September 24, 2011

The Circle in this Ring by Shana Jay

Liberated by his love
Dedicated by the circle in this ring
Loyal to my King
Bound by the vow we made
How I feel about him will never fade
I submit to his words his articulation his diction and therefore I honor his position
He looks at me with such passion and love in his eyes
Elated that his past hurts were not the event of our demise
He begin to see that our love was his destiny
I pulled him in close to me when he desired to pull away
With my soul I cleave I walk tall in the promise I made
Love and to hold
Always confident and bold
Consuming every ounce of him
Embracing every part molding him like clay
What was torn down I helped him rebuild
Every secret told I placed it in my heart and concealed
Hand in hand I walk he guides while God leads
Expression No fabrication our love cant be duplicated
So glad the search is over my King
Our love bound by the circle
The circle in this ring

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