Thursday, October 13, 2011

A Man of Variety by Shana Jay

His words are a like a fine wine a delicacy that accelerates my heart jump starts my mental capacity I love his inner trilogy
His smile is captivating I find myself navigating towards the thing I crave for most his presence stirs my inner child
His poetic rhythm appeases me as I watch him make love to the mic
Like Vivaldi, Mozart and Beethoven his spirit is classical so eloquent as if he were the inspiration to B minor mass 22 Benedictus
When he speaks his tone is as gentle as a lamb never persuasive I just surrender to it
His lips are soft like the clouds his arms are as strong as steel
I’m honored to be apart of his life his thoughts are limitless no fabrication he just keeps it real
His ideas are remarkable he is the epitome of brilliance he paints the picture to help me see clearer into the inner depth perception of his mind
He is my muse the free spirit that infuses all of the creative aspects of me
He’s not perfect nor does he proclaim to be but he is the one who holds me up and this is my version of a man destined for excellence a man of variety

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