Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Twitter and Facebook Abuse by Shana Jay

What is social the social networking service?
A social networking service is an online service, platform, or site that focuses on building and reflecting of social networks or social relations among people, who, for example, share interests and/or activities.
What is Trolling?
A common misuse of social networking sites such as Facebook is that it is occasionally used to emotionally abuse individuals. Such actions are often referred to as trolling. It is not rare for confrontations in the real world to be translated online.[citation needed] Trolling can occur in many different forms, such as (but not limited to) defacement of deceased person(s) tribute pages, name calling, playing online pranks on volatile individuals and controversial comments with the intention to cause anger and cause arguments. Trolling is not to be confused with cyber-bullying.

Now let’s talk about how I feel about this new found social networking abuse. Facebook and Twitter are sites to encourage promotion of entrepreneurship etc. If your business is prostitution this site is not for you. I am so sick of hearing about how wet you are, how fat it is and how someone “can get it.” I don’t want to read about your vagina monologues nor hear any of your “dick”tations about how deep you can stroke it. This is totally inappropriate and utterly disgusting. If you want to date there are social networking sites out here just for you please google black For Facebook users and your profile pictures I want to see your face and not your ass ok…This is “FACEBOOK” not “ASSBOOK.”

Anytime type of leadership positions such as politicians, pastors, teachers, business owners, health care professionals etc. should be very careful on how they depict themselves on social networking sites. There should be a level of limitations on what you post because things can be misconstrued and taken very seriously even if you meant no harm.  I would love to share some examples with you but I may offend those who are unaware of what they doing.

Let’s talk about your representation on Facebook and Twitter and your real life once you log off. I am so sick of these add water, instant made, so deeply religious sanctified holy rollers who was there when they crucified my Lord Saints of Facebook and Twitter. Oh but I just saw you at the sports bar and grill the other day and you bought the bar out talking bout I’m in love with my bartender. See don’t be quoting all these scriptures on Facebook and Twitter and trying to give counsel about something and you are clearly not living, okay. You’re the first one in church on Sunday and the first one to make it rain at the strip club Monday night I’m just saying. Here is a better example quoting scriptures in one post and cussing someone out in the next …that’s just not right.

Lastly and I’m done ….Twitter and Facebook are neither your therapist nor your journal some things should just be kept to yourself. I read my time line and news feed and think that some of your are slightly bi-polar ….for those who have seen the Kevin Hart’s stand up his safety word is “Pineapples” and I’m adopting this term too. I’m screaming pineapples because you’re doing too much. Let’s use Twitter and Facebook for what it’s meant to be thanks here. My name is Shana Jay and I approve this message.

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