Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Right People at the Wrong Time by Shana Jay

Processing the hurt………
I opened up
I gave my all
Still trying to comprehend how I managed to let you in
You saw the nakedness of my soul
I was transparent with my thoughts open with my fears
Here my dear ….here it is
I took a risk or should I say a plunge
I want to run and hide
Its feels like my world is about to collide
I made myself comfortable you put my mind at ease
I knew this was too good to be true
High off you, someone exciting and new
Snatched away just as quick as you came
Heartbreaks and 808’s
What I wanted was way too much for your plate
X’s and O’s I use to love those
Questioning myself
Dissecting the truth
Analyzing my thoughts and everything else when it comes down to you
Damn I pictured a happy ending
Staring at this painting on the wall
It reminds me of the warmth I felt when I laid my head on your chest
The colors of Fall is what I see
As the days go by our love will be a distant memory
No tears just really dazed and confused
My beautiful King the man of my dreams
 My Brilliant Mind……….
“The right people at the wrong time”

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