Thursday, June 2, 2011

Arrogance is the New Black by Shana Jay

Have you ever met an individual who was arrogant, cocky, and so full of themselves that even though he or she was appealing to the eye everything about this person’s inner being was a turn off? I believe OutKast said it best “I know you'd like to thank your sh*t don't stank but lean a little bit closer See that roses really smell like boo-boo Yeah, roses really smell like boo-boo.”  
The most attractive characteristic on a man or anyone for that matter is the ability to be humble. I find myself looking on facebook wondering why the men have more photo opts of themselves than the women do. There is nothing attractive about a grown man posed up in the mirror taking pictures of himself with his camera phone. To me that suggest a number of things but the first thought that comes to mind is this person is really vain. It’s ok to be confidant and feel good about yourself but some people don’t know how or when to draw the line.
Arrogance is the new trend these days and its funny how the main people who play this role half the time don’t have a pot to piss in nor eye water to cry with. The fact is some people have not been exposed to certain things so they tend to have an heir about themselves when they finally get the experience.  Certain people get a little status and they forget where they came from and who helped them get there.
In conclusion, it’s ok to be confident and feel good about yourself but please don’t let the ego monster destroy you along the way. I will leave you with this God doesn’t live in a proud heart He simply detest it as a matter of fact. My suggestion is to remain humble because if God has to do it for you it will not be pretty.

Shana Jay 


  1. Enjoying your writing this morning Shana. And love that photo of arrogance! maria

  2. Thanks so much I appreciate you taking time out to read my post that means alot !!

  3. you are right once again... SHANA JAY...

    I enjoy your blogs... they are very interesting...

  4. Anonymous thanks I'm glad you enjoy what I have to say make sure you share this blog with others :)