Tuesday, June 7, 2011

PSA: Somebody Has to Say It….by Shana Jay

I can honestly say that I have had it up to here with the front lace wigs. First of all, if you are not a recovering cancer patient or going through some sort of chemotherapy then these wigs are not for you. If you have some sort of hair disease where your follicles will not produce natural hair then I understand why you would go to such extremes.  Now when and if you decide to purchase the front lace wig can you please have someone that is licensed apply it correctly to your scalp? I am seeing excess glue on people’s foreheads and I don’t think that is appropriate.
Next, I would like to touch on the custom made special ordered plantation mini blind eyelashes that are trending here lately. Let me just say for the record, please if you are gonna wear them then I should not see the black or white glue clumped up on top of your eyelids this is totally out of order. I don’t know who said that doubling up your eyelashes was appropriate but its not. I should not be able to see your eyelashes from the seventh or eighth row in church and you’re in the choir stand.   
I also have a problem with the tights or leggings being worn as pants and I can see through them and you have no draws on. What’s even worse is the cellulite that causes my stomach to turn automatically because its looks like cottage cheese being held hostage inside of nylon. Please be aware that people have children and this is not appropriate for virgin eyes and furthermore I don’t want to see this.
If you have a muffin top it is not suitable to tuck your shirt in this is unprofessional and corrective action will be enforced. There are proper tops for those of you who have this issue and when I’m bloated I wear them as well they are called baby doll tops. I also believe that it wouldn’t be much of a muffin top if you start being honest with yourself and purchase your correct size.
I believe that make-up is made to enhance not cover up and make you look like a totally different person. I should not be afraid to hug you in fear that some of your face will be left on my clothes. You should not look like something from the circus and ladies we have to do better. I feel that if people had true friends then I would not be writing this blog on today. A true friend would tell you the truth like you have a booger in your noise or “girl your breath is offensive” or “girl you have something green in your teeth”. I am tired of being exposed to the fashion “Hell Naw’s” and “what’s wrong with this picture” era.
In conclusion, I have done some terrible fashion flops a time or two in my life but when you know better then you do better. This has been a public service announcement brought to you in part by the fashion police now back to your regularly scheduled programs.

Shana Jay


  1. LOL!!!...I agree with you to a certain extent about lace fronts. I wear them sometimes. I don't use glue. What I have is a gay son who's as aspiring fashion designer who puts them on for me. To me weaves, wigs, or lace fronts are just part of fashion. If you wear them correctly, you've completed your ensemble. If not, then oh well. Go and find your local drag queen, they'll hook you up...lol.

    Now I agree with you on the lashes. I never use strips. The best way to make it happen is to wear individuals. Those are the best lashes to wear because present a more natural look.

    As for the entire blog, I wholeheartedly agree! If you want to look good, sometimes you have to seek help.

  2. Imani babe its different when you have the right people taking care of your appearance or even helping you for that matter. What you just proved was you have common sense and a great stylist to help you but your folks out here need guidance..... so can u help them please lol