Friday, June 10, 2011

Why Family Matters by Shana Jay

“I don't care how poor a man is; if he has family, he's rich.

Family is a very important factor of life. I had the opportunity to meet a young man at an event where I was promoting my book last night. Muhammad Abdur Rahman made such an impression on me that I had to write about him. He talked about how his mother and aunts are the reason he is the man that he is today. He talked about how his mother sacrificed to make a better life for him and his brothers. Muhammad painted a picture of how his mother was so determined to become a doctor that she would be up all times of the night studying but she made sure that she walked him to school every day rain, sleet or snow. She rode the bus to school and her support system (her sisters) would step in while she attempted to better herself.
Muhammad said that he and his brothers started working at an early age so they could help their mother pay bills in order that she wouldn’t have to struggle. This story was very touching to me because he spoke so highly of his mother and what she instilled in him was that hard work pays off. In my situation, I’ve learned that my family loves me and they are my greatest supporters.
Family will be there for you know matter what and for some people who feel they can make it without family are sadly mistaken because you can’t do everything on your own. There is no such thing as a perfect family there will always be some form of dysfunction that lingers. You cannot pick your family but you should be grateful of what you have.
In conclusion, people are dying everyday holding on to meaningless grudges that can be over looked with the power of communication. All I’m saying is you should never take for granted the family God has blessed you with. Remember there will always be someone who is dying to be in your shoes look at the situation that happened in Joplin, Mo. I couldn’t imagine having to search for my family members in the mist of devastation. The Key words today: Be grateful for family!

Shana Jay  


  1. Wow..... You are a great listener, and you also carry your feelings where it matters (Heart). Thank you for sharing that post, and May G'd continue to bless you....

    Muhammad ;-)

  2. Muhammad! Thanks so much and I meant every word! you totally inspired me and I wanted everyone to know how awesome the relationship you and your mother have. You really touched my heart :)

  3. A family is a blessing to have they are their when you need them I have two brothers and two sisters. When ever someone is down or having probelm we are alway their for each other we all need someone to count on. I lost my mother a couple of months ago I was very inspired by my mother she was a loving and caring person and very spiritual lady I know she is doing well and I thank God for the time she was here with us. So Shana may God continue to bless you..

  4. Debra you are sooo right family is a blessing and some people fail to realize that. Im Glad to know that your mom is in a better place and thanks so much Debra I want God to do the same for you as well :)