Sunday, June 5, 2011

You Don't Have to Lie to Kick It by Shana Jay

“O, what a tangled web we weave; when first we practice to deceive!”

I simply detest a liar as a matter of I cannot and will not entertain a deceitful person. I have learned that people lie because they have some form of insecurity about themselves. Most people lie to cover up the person they really are and are afraid they will not be accepted. Others lie because they are just flat out messy and jealous.   I have run into my share of liars it’s almost like an epidemic especially in the dating world.
I had one guy that lied to me about a certain situation that he had going personally in his life. When the truth finally came out he revealed (not in his words but in his actions) that he didn’t think or trust that I would accept him. The truth of the matter is that if he told me the truth in the beginning and given me an opportunity to make the decision if I was to deal with him or not things would have played out much better.   What he failed to realize was that regardless of his status I loved him unconditionally flaws and all.
Proverbs 12:19 states that truthful lips will be established forever, but a lying tongue is only for a moment. Once you start telling one lie you have to continue in more lying in order to cover up all the lies that you have told. In other words a liar should have an impeccable memory in order to keep up with all the lies that have been told.  The Bible clearly states that God hates a liar and that it’s an abomination in his sight. Did you know that there is a special place in hell for liars? Awww ok then. Lil Wayne and Yo Gotti collaborated in a  song called “Women Lie, Men Lie” and it’s the truth we all have lied at some point in our lives, especially if the opportunity presented itself.
In conclusion, if you lie, you will cheat, if you cheat you will steal if you steal you will kill which as you can see is a very destructive road. Your word is bond and it says a lot about the character of the person you are dealing with especially if they always have a lie rolling off their lips.  Moreover, one should start being honest with themselves then one can be honest and truthful with others. 


  1. Yes indeed, girl! There nothing worst than a liar.

  2. Imani and Pretty If people would be honest things would go smoother!


    I have encountered a relationship with a guy. He stated that he did not tell me the complete truth because he wanted to protected me from the drama. In my defense, if he would have allowed me the chance to decide if i wanted to endure the drama or not then when "it" popped off; I WOULD NOT HAVE BEEN LOOKING LOST AND CONFUSED... WHAT A HUMILIATING FEELING.. KUDOS SHANA JAY!

  4. Yes I like you let me know why I would need the protection just be up front and honest things would be soooo much better ... unfortunately thats too much like right in this day in time so when u find someone that is completely honest with u then u make sure u keep them close :)