Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sexy by Shana Jay

Sexy is an adjective described as being sexually attractive or exciting. Did you know its not hard being sexy? Its fun to encounter someone with great sex appeal. Being sexy to me is when a man can make love to my mind. Meaning he can masturbate, stimulate and massage my mental capacity. He can cause another brain cell to grow. Sexy to me is when a man can correct me out of love not trying to control me.
            Not pushing his weight around constantly sticking his chest out proclaiming “I am Man Hear Me Roar.” Sexy to me is when a man is in touch with his sensitive side which allows him to engage in my desires. Sexy is when a man can respect me enough to wait …like Jill says I need to know if your crazy lol. But what’s even sexier is when a man loves God and puts Him first above all things!
Now with women we are automatically sexy creatures it oozes from our pours. Some of us haven’t tapped into being sexy so let me help you all bring sexy back. It’s ok to be natural!! Tons of makeup will not enhance your natural beauty it will only cover up what’s already there. A friend of mine told me that when he comes into contact with a woman with lots of makeup piled on he quickly becomes afraid that some of her face will be left on his clothing. Then he questions if she is not comfortable with herself meaning “What is she insecure about?”
Sexy is when a woman can not only uphold a beautiful exterior but can also hold an educated conversation. Many men have told me that they have come into contact with women who can not hold a descent conversation. If you’re beautiful and when you open your mouth you sound like a “duh-duh” it can be a total turn off. Being naked is not sexy!!! Did you know that it’s ok to leave some things to the imagination? It’s ok to make a man wonder and personally I get sick of seeing booty meat with black cheeks and breast hanging to your knees.
Something has to click internally and help one to wake up to see that self love is the best love. If you love yourself you wouldn’t exploit yourself in that manner. Then what gets me is when a man treats you the way you are dress (like a slut or whore your presenting yourself to be) then you have the nerve to get upset. Really??!
In conclusion, I embrace my sexiness with open arms. I love every age spot to each individual strand of red hair on my head. I love my illuminating smile down to my hypnotizingly long legs. You say I’m fancy huh? Glad you noticed when I look in the mirror I sing this chorus. I love myself every flaw, every discrepancy these things add to my personality.  I love myself this much is true but if I didn’t tell me how could I possibly love you?    
Shana Jay