Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Devil By Shana Jay

“Be sober; be vigilant; because your adversary the Devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking who he may devour.” Peter 5:8

I am a huge M. Night Shyamalan fan especially after my all time favorite movie the 6th sense. Now I must admit that he fell off a little while later but when I saw the preview for the movie “Devil” I was curious enough to give him one last chance. It wasn’t a coincidence that I rented this movie yet a teaching tool that allowed God to prick my heart and it burned.  The story was based on a mother’s bedtime story to her child telling him how the Devil would roam the earth sometimes he would take human form so he could punished the damned on earth before he would claim their souls the ones he chose would be gathered together and be tortured as he hid amongst them pretending to be one of them.
A suicide would pave the way for the Devil’s arrival and it would always end with the deaths of all those trapped. So long story short this police officer who is basically the main character wife and child are killed by a drunk driver and left for dead in a car accident 5 years ago and in the event he became an alcoholic it opens up with him talking to his sponsor about being sober for 6 months he is called to a scene of a suicide which then brings him into the horror of 5 people being trapped in a building elevator people begin to die of course but one of the people is the Devil in human form.
When the last man is standing the Devil tells the man that he has been waiting a long time for him. The man therefore confesses his sins of killing the officer’s wife and child in a hit and run which frees him up from the Devil. The Devil says to him “Damn I wanted you bad maybe next time and vanishes” The officer takes this man into custody and then confesses that he had forgiven the man for killing his family.  Now I cried because I was convicted down to my soul.
 How many times had I done wrong and made majorly bad decisions enough to put me behind bars yet God continued to cover me in my foolishness and then forgave me of my sins! Now why is it so hard for me?? It’s called hurt, pain, resentment etc. You see when someone hurts me it stirs up a rage that is hard to manage. I can hear James Brown “Payback” playing in my head as my superhero theme music. Yet once I got my payback I was still hurt and empty inside cause it was a temporary fix. I had to learn and I’m still in the process of learning how to forgive!! In conclusion this movie was a message to me that if this man can forgive another man for doing something sooooo unforgivable why can’t I forgive others for the little things they do to me?
 So to all my readers I want take responsibility today for my actions and ask that you please forgive me if I have offended or wronged you in anyway and therefore I will continue to ask God to purge and prune me in a way that when he is done I will not be able to allow the Devil to torment me nor hold silly grudges because life is too short to be miserable and bitter.
Shana Jay

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