Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Unhappily Ever After By Shana Jay

There once was a girl I knew she was deeply saddened within I asked her what could I do to make her world a better place she responded I just want you to love me.  She grew up unhappy hiding the issues of her past the rejection stained her heart like a mural surrounded by stained glass.  She would tell me her secrets of feeling unwanted and being dismissed. As she grew older the little girl still lingered she was damaged her name was anger and rage.
I would see her tiny little head appear if she felt she was being betrayed. It was sad because she would give you her all she was beautiful yet situations made her feel small. She would ask me why don’t they love me I have done all I can it got so bad she was seeking love from any man. She met someone who could relate to her struggle this little boy’s name was broken together they were nothing but trouble.
 They loved each other more than life but because they were not healed from their past every moment that seemed like progress would crumble. She was impatient and he was afraid, she insisted that there is no fear in love yet in fear he remained. Slained by his words of rejection her little heart could only take so much slowly she began to loose sight she lost touch.
Anger and rage came out to play putting a simple complication in disarray.  Poor Little boy broken had to glue together more broken pieces because anger and rage was afraid to let him go.  He didn’t understand what fueled the fire within all he knew was that he loved her but didn’t know where to begin.
In closing hurt people do in fact hurt people and until there is deliverance from God the cycle will never end. So no matter how many times these two damaged lovers connected it would never be a happy ending.  We have to take time to love ourselves then we will be able to love others. If we do not seek self love any relationship that we involve ourselves in will be like throwing a wrecking ball at a glass rainbow it will only shatter.


Shana Jay

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