Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Exposed by Shana Jay

I see your true colors shining through ……this says so much especially when you apply it to friendships/relationships. I was told that when a person shows you who they are please believe them. The word exposed means to make visible or to reveal guilt or wrongdoing of. Now I could take this subject down so many different avenues but I will just head down exposure lane…….I was having a great discussion with my close friend and we came up the idea that a law should be passed that would require people to wear disclaimers allowing others to be aware of what type of side effects they may cause.
 I laughed at the thought of all the Scarlet Letters being handed out. It’s sad that a person who is broken or not emotionally equipped can infect the next like a common cold. People try to move on without closing the door to past issues and pile it on others like garbage. I met a guy recently who explained to me that he was a horse trainer but in the end the only horses he was training was the horses under the hood of his ford mustang.  When I asked him his age he says twenty-two I told him I prefer older men he responds well maybe you can teach me some things. His disclaimer should have been “Watch out I’m looking for a mama” side effects dysfunctional….the end.  Another guy I met was nice, had a lucrative job, affectionate, pleasing to the eye ..just “The Guy” then I noticed his mannerism it screamed “I like to dip and dab” now I’m not a homophobic by any means but when you see a red flag and have to question a man’s sexuality then you may need to keep it moving. His disclaimer should have been “I like what you like” side effects may cause you to feel like Terry Mcmillian or Star Jones. I have also talked to men who have given me ideas on the types of women they meet. Close friend of mine tells me how he met this chic she was everything that he was looking for in a wife  pretty much “Miss Virtuous Woman” the thing was that she was insecure and controlling.. Questioning him about everything he did not really a trusting individual so of course this only led to heated arguments and a very unhealthy relationship. In the end “Miss Virtuous” was “Miss Jezebel Reincarnate” her disclaimer should have read “Magnum PI private eye” side effects will cause you to be paranoid and always feeling like youre under interrogation. I could go on and on cause there are truly so many different scenarios. In closing you can not change a person they can only change if they desire to do so. No matter how believable he or she may come across please remember actions speak louder than words! Let me reiterate the quote “When a person shows you who they are please believe them.”


Shana Jay

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