Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Revenge VS Forgiveness By Shana Jay

A friend told me about this movie "Faster" that featured Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson...... I love his look and his acting skills so I was like why the heck not! The plot An ex-convict seeks revenge for his brother's death in this action-packed revenge thriller starring Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Ten years ago, Driver (Johnson) was part of a bank heist gone horribly awry. In the chaos of the botched robbery, his brother wound up dead. Now Driver is a free man, and he's determined to punish the men who killed his late sibling. But settling the score won't be easy, because despite being just a few days shy of retirement, a veteran cop (Billy Bob Thornton) isn't about to let a massacre take place on his watch, and a hotshot hitman (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) has Driver locked in his sights. Unfortunately for Driver, the closer he gets to his targets, the more he puts himself at risk. Later, just as Driver starts to think he's gotten everyone on his list, he discovers that one name seems to be missing.  

Now I can honestly say that I am glad that Jesus doesnt answer all my prayers and that He answers them based on His will.....I had to come to a conclusion that Jesus is not my "Hit Man" nor "My Assassion" but I had a list for Him just like the character "Driver" in this movie of people who I felt deserved death even torture. Now there have been sometimes in my life where I have taken it upon myself to seek revenge against those who wronged me. It felt great at the time but it didnt mend my broken heart ...my actions didnt heal the wounds that these people left in my spirit, therefore I was still stuck.

Based on the movie I could relate with Driver and how he wanted to hurt the people who hurt him but in the end even though revenge is sweet ....He still wasnt happy in my opinion. Hatred and Vengence will eat away at your soul and whats even worse while people harbor these feelings the other party has gone on with thier life and have no clue that you are miserable. 

In Conclusion.... you should not let anyone have that much power over you especially if it takes you out of your element. Meaning dont let someone cause you to show out and act a clown when you represent royalty! My Prayer when I am about to loose my patience with His children " FORGIVE THEM FATHER FOR THEY NO NOT WHAT THEY DO" 

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